How to increase website traffic in 7 effective ways

Whether it’s a business or personal blog, huge traffic is the sole target of almost everybody.

Most of the people spend a major part of their time searching for a great design, some even purchase plans like GoGeek plan just to increase the number of visitors to their site. Despite having great content on the site, they don’t get the expected visitors to their site.

Expecting the result overnight is nothing more than a nightmare.  If you don’t have patience, you are going to get disappointed.

Here are 10 ways to increase traffic to your site and these are the outcomes of long hours of research and experiments. Thus, I would request you to go through the post thoroughly and You may share it with your friends if you feel it worthy.

Here, we begin!

1.Write an Article Worth Sharing

Most of the bloggers use perfect English as far as possible, but are the people reading those posts?  The very first thing to take into consideration is about grammar. You should try to eradicate critical grammatical errors and ensure the readability.

There are some free grammar checking tools available online and offline both, like Hemingway, Grammarly and many more. These tools help you make your articles more readable and easy to understand.

If you are not getting traffic even after, you are doing something seriously wrong.

Your writing is not interesting enough

Even though you are writing about latest technological aspects, the topic might not sound interesting to some people, but it’s you who should try his best to make it more appealing by including attractive images and other media contents. This makes your content worth sharing.

Mathematics, which may sound boring and complex to a majority of people, can be made interesting.

There are people who want to learn technical aspects of things, but find difficult to grab the gist. And, unless your content is about famous and renowned stars, you should really think seriously to make your articles appealing and interesting.

If you keep these things in mind, I am sure you can make people UUmm to Hmmmm and Wowwww! 

You are not writing what people like to read about

You are writing interesting articles and your niche is interesting enough, though you are not getting traffic on your website might be due to the wrong keywords you are using.

Your articles must be about the topics that people are searching on search engines, to do so, you have got to learn and conduct research on that.

So, carry out some research about primary keywords. Find out long tail keywords and LSI keywords of your primary keywords and target them.

Say, for example, you are writing a post about “creating a child theme”. Since there are already tons of articles by popular website, it might be very tough to rank on Google for the keyword “Creating a child theme in WordPress”

LSI graph tool can be used to find out what people are searching for.  This is the result fo search on LSI Graph.

With this graph, instead of targeting for “creating a child theme in WordPress”, you could target other specific keywords like “how to create a child theme in WordPress step by step”, it would be easier to rank for the long tail keywords.

In a similar way, The result page of Google Search is worth noticing the “Searches related to” section that appears at the bottom. You can get a wide range of keywords and make use of it.

There are some tools like Google Key Planner and SEMRush that help you find related and effective keywords.

2.Draw attention of renowned people of your niche

The publicly renowned people have that tendency to make your site popular. Which ultimately brings more traffic to your site. If such personalities share or praise your post, it really creates a great impact. As a result, you get huge traffic because of their massive followers. This might seem to be challenging, but its counterpart is you will have a golden opportunity to raise your traffic and popularity of your site.

Apart from that, attracting such stars of your niche ensures more conversion (sales) simply because they are the influencers in this field. Keeping this in mind, you have got to write deep and interesting posts to draw the attention of those influencers to share your contents. And, have some serious attitude towards writing that authorities care about.

And there’s one and only big question, how in the world are you gonna attract influencers to your site? And the simple answer to this is, through worldwide popular social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more, and Internet Comments as well. 

3. On Page SEO

SEO and Website traffic are so common to hear about these days, some people even think that it is overrated. Is it true? Frankly speaking, it depends on what we make of SEO.

If it seems to you that SEO is some magical skill that when mastered can flood your site with genuine traffic, then you’re going to face disappointment.

Although there are plenty of unethical (black-hat) hackers on the internet, even though they can’t bring in genuine or targeted visitors. And such fake traffic is gonna cost your profile and impression in the long run, which can’t be prevented.

To share one secret with you, in fact, SEO is very simple and easy to understand.

The only thing you gotta do is attract search engines to your site and you have figured out SEO.

The things mentioned above (Worthy Content, LSI Keyword, Guest Post) is what will make search engines fall in love with your website.

One quick and easy technique to do well in SEO is to have your website load quickly. Since the speed of your website depends a lot on the hosting, I would recommend to choose a reliable hosting provider. Here is the best WordPress hosting of 2019.

4.Think from visitors perspective

When you are building a site, you have to keep in mind about the group of audiences you are going to target. 

Ask yourself these questions first to come up with an idea!

  • Which age group will my visitors fall in?
  • What sort of mobile devices my visitors will be using?
  • What would be their general Internet connection speed?
  • Will they get what they would be looking for?

Is this anyway related to increasing your website traffic?

Here’s the explanation:

If your site focuses elderly people, you have to make your site look simple, keep the font style normal enough to be easily readable and larger font size and other factors to make the helpful for senior citizens. 

 Let’s think about for kids, to make your site user-friendly and attractive for them, you gotta include colorful images and videos and stylish fonts to amaze them. The aspects you would have to consider here is totally different from that for elderly people. Types of mobile devices your targeted users use also matters a lot in the growth of your website.

People simply love browsing on the go. According to a recent study by smart insights on an average, the number of mobile users is approximately 70% on most of the top popular website.

So, make sure your site is mobile first designed (mobile friendly), and if you are using WordPress, use responsive and mobile first designed website like ours.

Next thing to keep in mind is their internet speed, you have to make sure your site loads at blazing speed and your visitors don’t have to wait longer to load your site.

More than the content, it is the speed which matters the most. If your site doesn’t load at speed, you’re probably gonna lose your visitors. They will simply switch towards other faster sites. Speed plays a crucial role in user experience.

To prevent such awkward situation, instead of using bulky images, make use of some image optimizer tools like EWWW, Smush Image, Short Pixel

Navigation through your site is yet another important UX factor in affecting the website traffic. You should create menus in a way that it helps your visitors browse through your site without any difficulty. Also positioning the secondary menus at the right place, using categories and tags, helpful sidebars, and a handy search bar. 


Your effort should be adequate to make your visitors stay on your site for a longer period (more than 3 min)to increase your website traffic.

The lesser the bounce rate, the better your site is. In fact, Google tends to rank those site where people spend a longer period of time.

5.Writing Guest Posts

With backlinks using guest posts, you can draw targeted traffic in, and also increase your domain authority. It’s a simple yet effective way to increase website traffic. It also ensures maximum conversion rate.

If you can pick a popular and related blog or website, write for them. And they might even allow you put a link to your site in the “about author” section.

Apart from the advantages of backlinks, you get to build your own branding via guest posts Besides the backlinks advantage you get from guest posts, you will get to build up your brand.

Undoubtedly, it’s an opportunity to build up an expertise in your field. If your written articles are published on top websites, you can imagine its effect on your site.

Your website will now become a visit place for many users. Which means bingoo!!  More visitors.

How can you find a guest post??

  1. Follow some renowned people and sites of your niche on various social media, forums and other communities, and also try contacting them. You might hit the nail on the head if they are looking for a guest writer.
  2. Check for the link saying “guest post” if there is any.
  3. You may write a post about your availability for the guest writer.
  4. Use Google, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

How to get Guest Post using Google

(You can use following Search string pattern on Google to find guest posts.)

Syntax: “Your niche” + “guest post”

Some examples:

“Health & Fitness” + “contributing writer”

“Travel” + “guest writer”

“Blog” + “guest writer”

I hope you have got the idea.



You should be aware of not wasting your valuable time and effort for the following types of sites:

  1. Websites/Blogs different from your niche
  2. Those blogs with inactive reader base, check the comments on the post.
  3. Blogs/Sites that use unethical methods(encouraging black hat hackers)

Effective Tip: While writing emails requesting for guest posts, show them your best works, Highlights the value of your writings to them, and have patience and keep trying when you get rejected.

6. Interact with people when Online

If you own an online business store, it’s always a good idea to tell more and more people about it over the internet.

You got a new blog site and you have been conveying the message to your family and friends you meet daily, you might even expect them to visit it and pass it over to their friends.

To be frank, some of them might visit just because you insisted, but it’s most likely that many of them might just forget about it.  

Being social in real life important, but to make your presence online, you have got to focus on the online people more. You should start reacting and commenting on the blogs related to your field. Comment on Social media pages using your website’s profile and let people know what great things you know.

Just keep in mind, you don’t cross the threshold. 

Besides commenting on blogs and Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, Reddit, are some other places to mark your existence.

If these are new to you, You have been missing a huge part of the Internet.

You should get going to explore these platforms as well. And you will figure out that these are as awesome as other popular social media you have known.

Quora is basically a Q&A site. People share their queries, and someone with answers responds to them. It’s like Yahoo Answers, but much better.

LinkedIn is another business and employment-oriented social networking, in fact, it has higher conversion rate than Facebook. You get to explore more in depth, just dive into it.

Similarly, Reddit is another discussion portal for everything. You can simply find anything on Reddit.

So, find your topic, and start commenting and posting about interesting stuff.

Quora, LinkedIn, and Reddit are the great platforms to convey to the people that you know your stuff! Online.

7. Behave Smart on Social Media

Everyone will say you to create a social media page to bring in website traffic for free.

But, no one says how to use social media effectively so that you start getting real converting traffic from them.

Let me tell you the secret!

When it comes to giving advice, everyone would suggest you take help of social media to bring traffic to your website for free. But, none will tell how to use social media effectively and in a smart way so that there are more chances of conversion.  

Allow me to help you with that.

Behave Smart on Social Media

It is most important that you are posting regularly. There are indeed few ways to report the same stuff more often, it might prove to be helpful sometimes, but a pro way is to become smart on the Social platform and increase your traffic:

Make Use of Hash (#) Tags 

#websitetraffic  #maximizewebsitetraffic  #moretraffic #freetraffic

Hashtags are very popular on Twitter. However, most of the people miss out this amazing functionality on other social platforms. If you miss using hashtags on your social media posts (Instagram, Facebook), you are missing the opportunity to make your post reach the mass.

HashTags are the keywords of Social media, And you should strictly use them.

Write Impressive Headlines

(An impressive headline is an effective tool to make people click on your social media posts. You might have noticed this in top newspapers headline. They intentionally make them catchy and attractive. You can write great headlines using tools like Coschedule, Advanced Marketing Institute, Sharethrough)

And most important, your content should be relevant to the headline.

Use catchy Images

Use a nice and appealing featured image in your article and social media posts.

A picture is worth thousand words, and this proverb does fit perfectly here. Sometimes, we write better, but if the image is not attractive or relevant to the post, it makes the content worthless.

I encourage you to use appealing and impressive images and place properly. They really attract visitors. Which ultimately aid to the increase in your website traffic.

Place the link to your article in right place

I am pretty sure, you must have seen Facebook pages with several thousand likes, but it is true that very few people visit those link. Can you guess, why is it so????

The answer is simple, they place their link at the bottom of the post description. Your link must appear before “See More”, but not at the beginning.

Because they place the link at the bottom of the post.

Your link should appear before “See More”, but don’t place it at the very beginning of the post either.

Last, but far from the least.

You must have to accept this bitter truth, your site traffic won’t rise to an impressive digit overnight. Keep in mind these Seven important techniques and you will observe the growing traffic gradually. I ensure you will be your own witness. Every huge construction starts with a pebble, and with time you will be able to get huge traffic.

When you see someone else’s analytics, don’t get demotivated, rather take the positive part of it, get inspired and proceed in your goal.

None of the niches can be compared, but the sole thing that matters is the number of useful and active visitors that you get.

I heartily wish you all a very best of luck in your path.

Feel free to share your thoughts and your most valuable suggestion and tips with us.

Have a Good Time!